A Next-Gen Abrams Tank Will Soon Be Revealed With Advanced New Tech

The next-gen Abrams is expected to be one of the world's most modern main battle tanks.
1-68 AR Gunnery Table V

The next-gen Abrams tank is currently under development, and the first prototypes are expected to be delivered to the US Army in 2023. 

This would be the most impressive innovation for tanks in decades, and it will indeed include cutting-edge technology to keep this iconic American tank relevant.

The modern Next-gen Abrams

It is reported that the next-gen Abrams tank will feature several significant improvements over the current M1 Abrams, including a more powerful engine, improved armor, and new weapons systems. However, we’ll have to wait until October to learn the real upgrades of the Abrams tank.


The development of this tank is being led by General Dynamics Land Systems, the same company that produces the current M1 Abrams. 

While details of the new tank’s capabilities are still a mystery, it is expected to be significantly more lethal and survivable than its predecessor. 

That’s why the next-gen Abrams will probably be a vital component of the US Army’s future combat force and will help ensure that America maintains its military superiority for years to come.


The Abrams tank history

next-gen Abrams M1A2 Abrams tank live-fire
M1A2 Abrams tank live-fire by Alan Brutus. Public Domain.

The next-gen Abrams is just the last Abrams upgrade after a long history that started in 1980 when the Abrams first entered service.

It is named after General Creighton Abrams, who served as Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 1972 to 1974. General Abrams was a proponent of armored warfare and played a vital role in developing the M1 tank.

The M1 Abrams replaced the older M60 Patton tank, and quickly became the backbone of America’s force.


It has been continuously upgraded over the past four decades, and has seen action in several conflicts, including the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

Today, the M1 Abrams remains the US Army’s primary tank and is considered one of the most capable tanks in the world.

What’s the future of military tanks in the 21st century?

The Abrams has had many upgrades, but this one would probably be the most important because the role of tanks in warfare is being questioned.


While some experts believe that newer weapons platforms will eventually replace tanks, others contend that they will continue to play a crucial role in 21st-century warfare. 

New anti-tank weapons and drones have left the tank’s capabilities in question, and having new generations of tanks with advanced technologies designed in the 21st century would re-launch the role of the tank on the battlefield.

For this reason, the next-gen Abrams is such an essential innovation for armored vehicles.


Evolution of war: A year in Helmand
Evolution of war: A year in Helmand by Marco Mancha. Public Domain

In amy case, tanks are the easiest way to protect infantry nowadays. Having infantry advance into enemy territory is dangerous… and advancing without armored vehicles would be fatal.

Tank and infantry
Tank and Infantry Integration by Shannon Kroening. Public Domain.

So, tanks remain valuable today. Maybe they will be accompanied by drones and will be unmanned versions, but they are expected to be deployed in the foreseeable future anyway.

The next-gen Abrams will be suited to the challenges of the 21st-century warfare

The next-gen Abrams raises great expectations, and it may demonstrate that tanks are still reliable despite all the flaws that Russian tanks showed during the War in Ukraine.


Feature image credit: 1-68 AR Gunnery Table V by Armored Brigade. Public Domain.