Abramsx: US Army’s Next-Gen Main Battle Tank With Hybrid Power and Ai Support

General Dynamics' AbramsX is a new version of the iconic main battle tank M1 Abrams that will bring unprecedented maneuverability and target tracking.

The AbramsX has finally been revealed to the public. It has a fairly futuristic look and its redesign also features cutting-edge technology that will make it one of the most advanced tanks on the battlefield.

This new tank is a major step forward in armored vehicle technology – and is sure to set the standard for military tanks in the years to come with its incredible design and outstanding combat potential.

The new AbramsX: the next generation of the Abrams

After years of development, the AbramsX is here. It features a number of innovative design elements that make it faster, more powerful, and more agile than any other tank.


It is powered by a cutting-edge engine that gives it enhanced speed and agility. Its powerful engine offers a 50% fuel-saving compared to the previous Abrams main tank variants.

The tank also has a new active suspension system that allows it to navigate rough terrain with ease and in silence.

Additionally, the AbramsX is equipped with the latest in military technology, including a state-of-the-art 120mm main gun that can destroy enemy tanks at long range and increased protection against enemy fire.


Its AI system makes the AbramsX even better

Developed by General Dynamics Land Systems,  the power of this tank will be far superior to the existing tanks in service – and will mark a before and after in terms of technologies on the battlefield.

The AbramsX features a number of significant improvements over its predecessors. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer and AI system that gives the tank crew real-time information about their surroundings.

Furthermore, it will be networked with unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs)… And it can probably even be networked with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


However, the most important elements of the tank haven’t yet been disclosed for security reasons as the AbramsX is currently under development.

In any case, it could also restore the trust in tanks after the poor performance of Soviet tanks in the war in Ukraine, where hundreds of T-64, T-72, and T-80 tanks exploded at the first Javelin or drone strike.

4thTankBrigade - T-80U
4thTankBrigade – T-80U by Vitaly V. Kuzmin. Licensed under by 4.0

The AbramsX is much better than the former M1 Abrams variants

M1A2 Abrams Tank
M1A2 Abrams Tank by Nathan Franco. Public Domain.

The tank is based on the successful M1 Abrams platform, but its unmanned turret is larger and more heavily armored than the standard M1 turret – and it also features a new bustle-mounted autoloader.


M1A2 ABRAMS LIVE FIRE by Austin Berner. Public Domain.

By the way, it will have a shorter crew of 3 instead of 4 and will be much lighter than the previous Abrams tanks.

So, the Abrams is a tank with over 40 years of service, and this upgrade will surely give it a few more decades of relevance in the military field.

It will offer tactical possibilities never seen before for a tank

The AbramsX is by far the tank with the most potential for dominating the global battlefields.


Its abilities seem to come out of a science fiction movie. It can team up with UGVs and connect directly with command posts to gain a deeper situational analysis, making it a much more dangerous and harder-to-destroy vehicle than the current M1 Abrams.

Featured image credit: AbramsX by Abovfold. Licensed under CC by 4.0