NASAMS: Advanced Missile System That Can Intercept Cruise Missiles Is Headed to Ukraine

The NASAMS system will be delivered in the coming weeks – and now, Ukraine will be able to destroy the Russian drones and aircraft that are currently decimating the Ukrainian troops.
Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System ( NASAMS)

The United States has announced a new $820 million military aid package for Ukraine, which will include the advanced NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) air defense systems. 

The move is seen as an effort by the US to bolster Ukraine’s defenses against Russia in a new phase of the war, in which Ukraine is having a hard time defending itself. 

The new US military aid package

The United States remains committed to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the NASAMS will be vital in that role.


Of course, the systems will be a welcome addition to Ukraine’s defenses, which have been strained in recent months by the ongoing Russian invasion.

Actually, $820 million is definitely a considerable investment for the war. It demonstrates the American interest in seeing Ukraine succeed because a strong and independent Ukraine is essential to maintaining stability in Europe and protecting US interests in the region.

The NASAMS system

NASAMS II E.T. by Outisnn. Licensed under CC by 3.0

This is a defense system used by the Norwegian military as a highly advanced air defense system. It can simultaneously track and destroy multiple targets such as aircraft, drones, and cruise missiles.  


The system was first developed in the 1990s and has since been updated several times. It is a versatile and effective air defense system that can be adapted to a variety of different settings.

Now, it is considered to be one of the most advanced air defense systems in existence.… And it will give Ukraine a much-needed boost in its ability to defend itself during the attacks in the Donbas region.

The NASAMS air defense system at war

The addition of NASAMS will help to bolster Ukraine’s defenses and make it more difficult for Russia to launch air attacks. 


Now, the Russian military is striking the Ukrainian positions hard, and Russia is taking control of eastern Ukraine. So, the NASAMS will balance the situation and compete with the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles, which are among the most powerful anti-aircraft weapons in existence. 

Also, it is reported that Russia deployed the available prototypes of the Su-57 to carry out stealth bombing raids to avoid NATO and US missiles. This anti-aircraft missile could stop the Russian air force from striking Ukraine’s military assets.

Sukhoi Design Bureau,
Sukhoi Design Bureau, by Anna Zvereva. Licensed under CC by 2.0

In the end, the war is entering a period of attrition in which Ukraine will only continue as long as volunteers keep arriving on the front lines and, above all, as long as money continues to pour in from the United States.



Een amraamraket verlaat de canister van de lanceerinrichting
Een amraamraket verlaat de canister van de lanceerinrichting by Ministerie van Defensie. Licensed under CC by 1.0

  • Type of weapon: Surface-to-air missile system
  • Origin: Norway/United States
  • In service: 1998–present
  • Manufacturer: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Raytheon Missiles & Defense
  • Maximum effective firing range: 50 kilometers or 31 miles (NASAMS 3)
  • Flight altitude: 21 kilometers or 13 miles (NASAMS 2)

NASAMS may be Ukraine’s last chance to beat Russia’s air force

With this state-of-the-art anti-aircraft system specially designed to shoot down bombers, drones, and fighter jets, Ukraine will be able to confront – or at least resist Russian advances in eastern Ukraine that have outpaced Ukrainian defenses.

Featured image credit: Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) by Soldatnytt. Licensed under CC by 2.0