Big Differences Between American Women and European Women

How do American women and European women compare? Which one has more style and which one is more independent?

Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, American women aren’t much different from their European cousins. But it’s almost impossible to compare women from all across Europe as the continent covers a real range of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities.

So be warned that this may make some broad generalizations which we hope you’ll excuse. What we’re attempting to do, is compare European and American women. What makes them tick? How do they behave? And what are the similarities and differences between them?

Before breaking down the differences between sexes let’s take a look at the general similarities and differences between American women and Europeans women. As we all probably know Europeans and Americans share a whole bunch of similarities owing to ancestral lineage and cultural similarities.


They both have a broad commitment to democratic principles and share economic alliances. Both continents enjoy reasonably high standards of living and are considered developed by the rest of the world. There are some differences when it comes to religious quirks, free expression, sense of entitlement, and the morality concept.

Americans believe that they are generally in control of their destiny whereas the rest of the world except the UK, accept that powers outside of their control are dependent on their success. Americans are generally more independent and ambitious.

In a 2014 Pew survey 57% of Americans believed their success is in their own hands. Yet Americans, at just over half the population, see religion as more important than their European cousins do. In France only 14% of people consider religion important compared with 53% in the USA.


World statistics show that there is strong link between people’s religiosity and their wealth. Religion is generally more important to countries with lower GDPs. Almost 40% of Americans feel that sex between unmarried couples is immoral whereas in the EU it is less of an issue. So are American women more prudish?

Well, it depends where you are and who you talk too. Many American women are the complete opposite of prudes being independent and fun-loving in multiple situations. So with all of these observations please note that they are just that – observations and not rules.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences.            

Both America and Europe are big places, and while it is easy to generalize about people and places, it is also fair to say that American women have more in common with American women and same is true for European women with European women. The only real oddity in Europe is the UK where the women seem to behave more like Americans rather than their European cousins.




But in general there are some uniform similarities that separate Europeans from Americans in terms of attitude and behavior. When it comes to looks women are more uniform. In Rome or Barcelona women normally wear a skirt of a similar length, a pair of reasonably high high-heels, a blouse or top and long beautiful hair. In America, and in London, however, women come in many different styles.

Thin women, overweight women, women in goth or emo garb with black eye-liner and dyed hair. Americans seem to adopt the counter-culture more readily whereas European women tend to adopt a more traditionally feminine style. It is not unusual to see a girl with a Mohican and a skateboard on the New York subway or the London underground whereas this would be considered unusual in, say, Budapest.

While Americans dress for comfort European women are conscious of class and fashion even if they are simply walking to the store or going to the gym. Europeans dress for style and unless they are on the beach most European women wouldn’t consider wearing flip-flops or thongs.


Unless they are participating in sports or working out, sneakers are not normally worn by Europeans. European women tend to wear flats with closed or open toes or high heels in most everyday situations. However, like most rules there are exceptions. For social gatherings American women will dress just as smart as their European counterparts and often out-style them.



Women in Europe are generally more educated than in America. University education is more affordable in Europe with many countries having free college programs. This doesn’t mean that European women are any more intelligent than American women but they generally have the opportunity to learn more in Europe.

Most European women speak at least two languages and sometimes as many as five or six. Europeans generally have a good understanding of history and geography outside of their own countries and most Europeans have travelled to other countries before they reach their teenage years.


Separated from the world by two oceans, many Americans never leave the country of their birth. Bizarrely and despite their lack of travel American women are often more independent than European women. In social situations American women tend to be more outgoing and curious making them more fun at parties and social gatherings. Americans have a sense of adventure and liberty unmatched by women from other nations.

In the States a 2nd or 3rd marriage isn’t uncommon, but looking at divorce statistics from 2014, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Hungary all had worst divorce rates than the U.S. In general, American women and European women get divorced at similar rates.



European women are on average better looking than American women according to some independent observers. America has problems with obesity among the young. This is not as much as a problem in Europe at present. Of course our perception of what is beautiful is a personal choice, but taking into account what seems to be the movie star and magazine standard Europe trumps America.


Riding the tram in Amsterdam the average commuter might be surrounded by slim and attractive women. In Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former soviet satellite countries it is possible to wander around for a while without encountering an overweight unattractive female. European women are usually approachable knowing that conversation between a male and female is not a potential sexual advance.

American women are often more wary of advances from strangers. European women often feel that being seduced is an appealing validation of their sexual attractiveness and fertility rather than a violation of their rights. A European woman will normally tell you straight up if they are interested in dating and won’t subscribe to what is termed “flaky” behavior.

When it comes to dating and hanging out an American girl might be flirtatious and open about her feelings. Americans like to call things as they see them. Europeans on the other hand may be more reserved and mysterious about her feelings. A guy dating a European woman may have to rely on his spider senses to unlock the mysterious puzzle that is her mind.