What Makes the Green Berets One of the Most Elite Units of the US Military

Green Berets are the best special operations force of the US Army – they are the masters of unconventional warfare. But what exactly sets them apart from all the other units?
Green Beret hone marksmanship skills

The Green Berets are among the world’s most highly trained and specialized units.

They are one of the most feared special forces in the world, and their high level of professionalism and toughness have earned them this reputation through generations of hard work.

What makes them such an extraordinary force?

Special Forces Green Berets
Special Forces Green Berets by John Gonzalez. Public Domain

They are experts in unconventional warfare and trained to operate in hostile environments where conventional forces would not be able to survive.


These America’s elite soldiers can carry out highly risky missions with great speed, unmatched precision, and top effectiveness.

The Green berets are experts in a wide range of military skills. They are highly trained snipers, demolition experts, hand-to-hand combat specialists, and geopolitical experts, among other valuable skills.

As a result, they are uniquely qualified to train allied and foreign forces in warfare tactics.


The members of this special force are also proficient at working with regional forces to build trust and rapport with local populations. This is essential for gathering intelligence and carrying out successful operations.

All these skills make these special units some of the most versatile and adaptable soldiers in the world – and their ability to operate in any environment makes them a valuable asset to the US military.

The Green Berets history

Green berets
Team picture taken shortly before infiltration in Iraq. Unknown author. Public domain.

The unit was established in 1952 by Colonel Aaron Bank, who drew inspiration from the British Commandos of World War II. 


Bank’s vision for the Green Berets was to create a small, elite force that could move quickly and operate behind enemy lines. 

The color green was chosen to represent the lush jungles where Army Special Forces soldiers often operate. The beret is worn with the ribbon edge up on the right side, and it is typically worn pushed to the back of the head so that the wearer’s eyes are not obscured.

Today, the Green Berets are an integral part of the U.S. military’s efforts to combat terrorism and insurgency worldwide. 


And the unit’s skills in guerrilla warfare and counter-insurgency have been essential in recent conflicts. Every time a conflict arises, they will always be available to fight with local troops, train them and understand the terrain.

Green berets continue to play a vital role in the US Army

They are known for their ability to blend in with their surroundings and for their seemingly unlimited reserves of stamina and strength. Green berets are also known for their resourcefulness and for their creativity when it comes to completing missions.

Green Berets conduct vehicle interdiction
Green Berets conduct vehicle interdiction by man Broady-Chin. Public Domain.

Indeed, they were once known as “the quiet professionals” because they were trained to operate covertly and without attracting attention.


They are required to maintain a high level of physical fitness and martial arts proficiency, and they must be experts in a wide range of weapons and battlefield tactics.

The unit is often involved in classified missions, and its members must be able to operate independently in difficult and dangerous conditions. 

Green Berets Training
Green Berets Training by Peter Seidler. Public Domain

They have also been deployed to many other conflicts, such as Vietnam War, Somali Civil War, Iraq War, and Kosovo War, among many other conflicts. That’s why the Green Berets are known for their courage and dedication and have earned a reputation as some of the finest soldiers in the world.


Now, these Army special forces are a symbol of all that Army Special Forces soldiers stand for, and it is worn with pride by every unit member.

Green berets are one of the most elite units in the world

The Green Berets earned an impeccable reputation within the military with their superior combat capabilities – and serving as a member of the Green Berets is an honor very few can achieve.

Featured image credit: Green Beret hone marksmanship skills by Connor Mendez. Public Domain.


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