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Monarchs in History

Who Were the Most Evil Monarchs in History?

It’s no secret that throughout history there have been some very mean monarchs, kings, and queens (we will include emperors too) that have not just spilled the blood of their external enemies but also killed those closest to them. Ruling can be a curse and a burden but some of those rulers were simply cruel. Let’s see who were the worst …

Bataan Memorial Death March

The One Man Army of Bataan – 116 Kills

The confused Japanese soldiers shouted, “how did American troops get behind us?” What they didn’t know was that the Americans causing so much chaos and destruction, was actually only one man. A man who would later be called the One-Man Army of Bataan.

First Battle of Doiran – World War I

First Battle of Doiran – World War

It’s February, 1917, a dire time for the world. All across Europe the armies of the Central powers and the Entente, or Allied powers, have ground to a halt, neither side able to break through the other’s formidable defenses.