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Don’t ever wake up a sleepwalker!

You’ve been saving all year for that once in a lifetime trip. You’re going on a skiing trip to Switzerland’s famed alpine resort town, St. Moritz

Evil Popes

The Ten Most Evil Popes in History

As Christianity eventually flourished and spread throughout the Western world, things became complicated. As the faith’s popularity rose, so did the power vested in those who sat in the papal


The Most Effective Way to Kill a Virus

You wake up in the morning and instantly you know something’s wrong. You’re feverish, you ache all over, and you’re afraid you’re going to be sick to your stomach. You hope you’re not coming down with something! 


AR15 vs M16: What’s The Difference?

hen talking about the AR15 vs M16, it is not uncommon to get the two confused. After all, they both look alike, fire the same round, and have evolved over the years with similar technologies.

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