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Insane Cases of People Faking Death

Th idea of faking your own death is nothing new. And ever since the mid 1800’s when life insurance was introduced to the world, people have been trying to fake their own death to collect on their policies.

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Prison in 2119 – What Will Prisons be like in 100 Years

The year is 2119 and you’ve just been sentenced to 10 years for stealing someone’s personal air vehicle, aka, flying car. Now let’s try and imagine what kind of punishment the authorities might meter out. Maybe you’ll be sent to a penal colony, except this colony is on Mars and there you’ll be doing hard labor since there’s a lot of work to be done up there.

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Google vs Apple

The meteoric rise of computer technology created Google and Apple. Which company is bigger and better. This is the ultimate showdown: Google vs Apple

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Operation Northwoods: Secret US False Flag Operations Against Americans

The year is 1962 and the United States is embroiled in a global struggle for power known as the Cold War. On one side stands the US and its democratic allies, and on the other the Soviet Union and its expanding network of Communist states. Cuba has recently fallen to communism, replacing the military dictatorship that was propped up by the United States- and acting more in its own interest rather than in an interest to promote democracy, the US has decided that this cannot stand.

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