Researchers Pinpoint What Exactly Will Get You That Second Date

The answer to how to get to that sometimes elusive second date will definitely surprise you.

Are you looking for a new relationship? Then you will probably already know how significant the first date might be. 

Thanks to the vast world of dating apps. You have been searching through profiles and selfies for weeks until you finally encounter someone who you think would be a perfect match.

But the challenge is making that first date successful and getting a second one. And the scientists from Hebrew University think they have the solution to what seems to be an eternal question with no correct answer.


The research published in the journal Scientific Reports demonstrated that partners are romantically attracted to one another when they coordinate their physiology and modify their behavioral actions throughout a date.

Why do some people make us fall in love while others don’t?

Some critical scientific research has emerged to help out. While most of us will be extremely surprised by the results, the research team led by Dr. Shir Atzil of the Department of Psychology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem found the results of the study not so shocking.

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“The quality of our connection will depend on how well we can synchronize our body with a partner. We specialize in researching parent-infant attachment and had observed the same issue there,” the researcher said.


The study focus

The study centered on how the physiology and behavior of heterosexual couples adapt to one another during their first encounter. The study included 46 dates from a speed dating trial.

Each date lasted for five minutes, during which a bracelet was used to track each partner’s physiological regulation levels.

Each partner’s behavioral actions during the date, such as moving an arm, nodding, or shifting a leg, were also noted. After their experience on the date, the partners were asked to assess their level of romantic and sexual arousal for one another.


What the researchers discovered

The study unequivocally established that partners are passionately attracted to one another when they synchronize their physiologies and adapt their behavioral movements to their first dates.

Interestingly, the study revealed that the degree of synchronization had varied effects on men and women. While synchrony predicted attraction for both sexes, women were found to be more attracted to men who had a high level of synchrony – or “super-synchronizers,” who were highly coveted by female partners.

According to Atzil’s research, “behavioral and physiological synchronization might be an effective method of luring a romantic partner. But it’s still unclear to us whether synchrony increases attraction or whether the desire to synchronize results from feeling attracted.” Atzil intends to look into such a field of study.

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The role of having a glance during the first date

Love seems to be far from blind, but looks aren’t everything. Some traits are more attractive to people of all sexes and cultures. Tamsin Saxton, a senior lecturer at Northumbria University and a member of the evolution, perception, and behavior research group, claims that more symmetrical faces indeed appear to be viewed as more appealing.

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“The idea is that symmetrical bodies and faces are predetermined by your genes. When something goes wrong, such as getting sick or running into an environmental issue, the symmetry might occasionally get slightly off, “she claims.

So it’s possible that choosing a symmetric mate means selecting someone whose genes are somewhat compatible with your surroundings.


And while stunning faces might occasionally be remarkable, studies have shown that regardless of our culture, we are typically drawn to averageness. Averageness may be a sign of good health and genetic diversity, according to researchers including Professor Randy Thornhill of the University of New Mexico.

Does a “type” even exist?

Saxton explains that even though preferences for masculine traits are far from being categorical, women with feminine features, such as a fuller lip and a smaller chin, are likely to be seen as more attractive by both sexes. Women seem to prefer more masculine face traits, as well as more masculine bodies, voices, and male behavior, when they are more likely to be able to conceive, Saxton further explains.

Similar studies on speed dating

According to Psychology Today, there is only one thing you need to do to succeed on your first date: avoid distractions. Yes, the greatest aphrodisiac is attention.


You can undoubtedly relate if you’ve ever been out with someone who was constantly looking at their phone or the baseball game on the TV behind you.

According to research conducted during speed dating events, people who showed selective attentiveness to their partner were found to be more appealing than those who did not. This requires that men should pay attention, listen, and make eye contact with their date. Of course, women enjoy it more chemically than men do, prioritizing sensitivity to physical attraction.

Researchers hypothesize that men who exhibit a higher level of mindfulness during their first dates tend to be better communicators. It’s a known fact that communication is the most crucial aspect of a healthy relationship!


So all you have to do the next time you’re out on a date with someone you like is to pay attention.

What makes it a bad date?

A bad date could be a case of the right person at the wrong time. Nevertheless, it’s possible to disrupt the trend. “There is ample evidence to suggest that taking the hormonal contraceptive pill enhances a man’s propensity for facial features with a more feminine appearance.”

The balance can also be upset by more than internal chemical sloshing. “Women in countries with poorer health prospects seem to prefer more masculine male looks, according to Saxton. But whether or not you are looking for Indiana Jones, being in good health is important. Once more, there might be subtle chemical cues.


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