How Silicon Valley Is Aiding the War Effort

Silicon Valley is boosting military defense systems with cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence.
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The US military is incorporating innovative technologies that can support winning wars by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) – and Silicon Valley is aiding the Pentagon in developing systems that can locate targets based on AI, machine learning, and object detection capabilities. 

Now, several businesses are generating new technologies that improve the effectiveness of the US military weapons and secure the US military technology’s advantage over its rivals.

AI improves the US military capabilities

Artificial intelligence on military systems
LERT/LEON 21 | Combat engineers and EOD Marines by Hailey Clay, Public Domain.

Various tech businesses in Silicon Valley have been helping the US by providing automated systems based on algorithms and AI in identifying even the slightest motion – and the US intends to strengthen its military forces to improve alertness and anticipate hidden threats. 


AI enhances the abilities and efficiency of the armed forces by offloading tedious assignments from soldiers.

So, integrating AI into military processes greatly boosts productivity, helps the armed forces get better results, and prepares the US military to overcome the challenges of the new global warfare.

The main military projects developed by Silicon Valley companies 

Silicon Valley technologies help all military branches
GET ON THE AI TRAIN by Army Acquisition Support Center, Public Domain.

Some of the most meaningful projects developed by the collaboration of the US military branches and tech enterprises in Silicon Valley were the following:

  • Project Maven

Project Maven was a high-tech AI software that assisted intelligence experts in choosing military targets from video footage taken by unmanned aircraft. 

This program was concentrated on deep and machine learning. However, in 2018, Google’s workers signed a petition to conclude this contract with the Armed Forces.

As a result, the project suddenly ended, but it started cooperating to develop a new military system and advanced weapons.

  • VIGILANT (Visual Global Intelligence and Analytics Toolkit)

The USAF signed a contract with Kitware in 2016 to produce synthetic statistics to improve data collection and enemy targeting in next-generation warfare settings.

Now, Kitware is developing data for the USAF, which is processed from different sources to be implemented for drone footage. In addition, the technology would be highly beneficial not only for the military but also for commercial purposes. 

In 2018, the USAF granted the VIGILANT 2 project to Kitware to concentrate on satellites and electro-optical sensors. The algorithm analyzes data recorded from aircraft, satellites, and drones to merge the data, and display multiple target tracking in real-time. 


Benefits of implementing AI capabilities in the military forces

Artificial Intelligence Based Battle Management Training
Artificial Intelligence-Based Battle Management Training by Kimberly Burke, Public Domain.

All military branches intend to use AI to strengthen next-generation warfare abilities that will improve the effectiveness of the U.S. Armed Forces by obtaining the latest technologies.

Let’s have a look at some areas where the US Forces are expecting to implement AI with the support of high-tech companies from Silicon valley:

  • Enhancing Operational Equipment Safety: AI can improve the safety of several operating army vehicles, ships, and aircraft. It will also identify quick-changing war conditions by warning operators of hidden threats. 
  • Increasing Decision Making: AI provides valuable details and prepares troops with enhanced situational alertness, which is essential on the battlefield.

AI will change warfare in the next few years!

State-of-the-art military technology, along with AI, will change future warfare results. Silicon Valley is accomplishing an awesome job by assisting the US Defense Department to enhance its combat capabilities by implementing AI.


This partnership with Silicon Valley’s companies will boost the US military’s capabilities of making brief and efficient combat decisions after receiving data from various cutting-edge machine algorithms… And of course, it’ll greatly enhance the efficiency of military aircraft, drones, satellites, warehouses, weapons, and US defense systems.

Featured image credit: Airmen Sharpen the Leading Edge of Domestic by Rich Roland Sturm. Public Domain.

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