Teen That Tracks Elon Musk Sets His Sights on a New Target: Russian Oligarchs

If Elon Musk couldn't stop him, Russian oligarchs certainly won't.
russian oligarchs private jet

Teenage genius programmer Jack Sweeney is at it again with another flight-tracking account. Although, this time, he isn’t just tracking Jets of US billionaires or US Government’s high-level airplanes.

Jack Sweeney acquires a new target 

His new Twitter account is targeted at “Russian Oligarch Jets.” This new project implies that any Russians within Putin’s inner circle will have their jet and helicopters monitored.

Jack Sweeney, an information technology major at the University of Central Florida, Tweeted @JxckSweeney on Sunday. The announcement was made under a previous thread where he notified the public about the launch of @Puntinjet, another monitoring account that tracks the flight logistics of some of Russia’s president’s planes.


In an interview with NBC, Sweeney talks about his reasons for starting these new projects. Sweeney said, “People have been asking me about Putin for a while. They wanted to know if they could track him.” Knowing how deep the rabbit hole goes, he also decided to monitor the Russian elites.

According to photos posted on Sunday on the automated-tracking Twitter account @RUOligarchJets, it currently tracks 46 helicopters and Jets owned by 21 Russian elites. Setting up these automated tracking accounts on Russians became a frequent request by his followers following potential sanctions on some Russian Billionaires. 

Impressive “track record” of Jack Sweeney

This isn’t’ the first time the 19—year-old will be doing something of this nature. His tracking Twitter Bot came into the limelight when it was used on Elon Musk’s Jet. Things quickly got real when Elon Musk offered him $5000 to shut down the Twitter account. He, of course, refused, replying to him that he gets too much satisfaction from his work to consider anything less than $50,000.


As of today, he currently monitors jet flights of over a dozen billionaires in the US (mostly in tech) and all the essential US Air Force aircraft. Adding Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs to the list doesn’t seem to be of any issue to him as he’s proven to be capable to a respectable degree.

What Russian oligarchs are doing with their jets and yachts after sanctions.

yacht in ocean

As part of the United States’ plans to further hinder Russia’s invasion efforts, a Multilateral Transatlantic taskforce is set to be launched this week. According to a Tweet made by The White House, the task force will identify, hunt down, and freeze the assets of sanctioned Russian companies and oligarchs.

While this is true, affected Russian billionaires and companies have started moving their assets away from the reach of the US and  Europe.


Although this seems like a significant step against Russia’s war efforts in the eyes of the media, we can’t yet determine the extent of the damage or if there has been any damage made at all.

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