SSN(X): US Navy’s Hunter-Killer Submarine That Will Redefine Naval Warfare

The SSN(X) Attack Submarine will be much faster, stealthier, require less maintenance, and carry more torpedoes and missiles than the aging Virginia class.
submarine SEAWOLF (SSN-21)

The US Navy is preparing for a major breakthrough with a forthcoming new program called SSN(X) Attack Submarine.

This program will create a new nuclear submarine that will have the most outstanding capabilities ever seen in a submarine –  and although very little is known about this submarine, it is believed that it will be the most significant nuclear deterrent that the United States will ever have on the seas.

The US Navy’s next-generation SSN(X) attack submarine

SSN(X) Attack Submarine The Virginia-class submarine USS Indiana (SSN 789)
The Virginia-class submarine USS Indiana (SSN 789) by Official U.S. Navy Page. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

The United States Navy is in the process of designing a new class of nuclear-powered attack submarines, known as the SSN(X) Attack Submarine


The SSN(X) will replace the existing Virginia-class and Seawolf-class submarines, which are aging and can no longer meet the Navy’s needs.

This new submarine will be larger than the Virginia-class, with a significantly increased payload and electric drive propulsion. It will also be equipped with new sensors and weapons, including vertical launch tubes for cruise missiles. 

This next-generation submarine will be designed for a wide range of missions, including anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, and special operations – and above all, to ensure that the United States continues to dominate the world’s seas.


SSN(X) attack submarine capabilities

USS Virgini
USS Virginia by U.S. Navy. Public Domain.

Armed with an array of powerful weapons and state-of-the-art sensor systems, the SSN(X) will be designed to operate in the most hostile environments.

It will be capable of launching torpedoes and cruise missiles, and it will also be used for conducting surveillance and gathering intelligence.

Moreover, with its advanced stealth technology and enhanced sensor and weapons capabilities, it is expected to operate undetected in enemy waters and deliver devastating strikes against targets on land or at sea.


In addition, the submarine’s enhanced payload capacity will also enable it to carry more missiles and torpedoes than any other submarine in the US fleet, making it a formidable weapon in the Navy’s arsenal.

But, the SSN(X) is currently in development and is expected to enter service in 2043 if the design and construction go as planned.

It will stop the most powerful vessels of the Chinese Navy

003航空母舰 by 大清帝国. Licensed under CC by 4.0.

The Chinese Navy is one of the most powerful in the world. It has three aircraft carriers, 79 submarines, and 51 destroyers, among other vessels. 


The Chinese Navy has a robust blue-water capability and is able to operate in all major oceans. It is a nuclear-powered force and has an impressive array of weapons, including anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles, and submarines.

Consequently, it is a significant problem for the American control of the global seas. Especially now that China’s fleet of aircraft carriers is growing.

In the next few years, China will be able to project its power further out into the disputed waters of the South China Sea. It sends a clear message to the United States and other regional powers that China is serious about becoming a major maritime force.


That’s why the US needs a new kind of submarine to threaten China’s technological advances and attack in case it is necessary.

The war between China and Taiwan could start soon

For nearly seventy years, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have been locked in a stalemate. 

However, the Chinese mainland has been rapidly modernizing its military while at the same time increasing its economic pressure on Taiwan. In response, Taiwan has been strengthening its ties with the United States. 


As tensions continue to mount, it seems increasingly likely that the long-standing war between China and Taiwan will finally erupt in the next few decades – and the US is preparing to support Taiwan in case of a war.

This submarine would help to stop the Chinese navy

The SSN(X) will be a powerful and versatile war machine. It could give the U.S. Navy a significant advantage in any future conflict, particularly against China, which seems the most likely rival on the global seas to the United States.

Featured image credit: submarine SEAWOLF (SSN-21) by Public Domain.