How the F-35 Will Help USAF’s ‘Aggressor Force’ Prepare Pilots for Any Combat Scenario

Replacing the F-16C Fighting Falcon with F-35 Lightning for aggressor force training will provide far superior training for fighter pilots.
F-35 bank

The F-35 stealth fighter is one of the most advanced aircraft in the world. It has been praised for its capabilities and has quickly become a favorite of pilots around the globe.

And recently, the United States Air Force announced that they will use the F-35 to create a “USAF aggressor force.” This unit will help train pilots and prepare them for potential combat scenarios by simulating the tactics of potential enemy nations.

The USAF’s Aggressor Force 

USAF’s Aggressor Force Lockheed Martin F-35 "Lightning II's"
Lockheed Martin F-35 “Lightning II’s by Public Domain.

The “aggressor force” is a unit of aircraft designed to mimic the capabilities of potential enemy forces. So, the US Air Force’s “aggressor force” will train pilots for real combat scenarios using the F-35, which they will probably have to outmaneuver with aircraft of lesser capabilities.


The goal of the aggressor force is to provide realistic training scenarios for US aircrews. The aggressor forces typically use aircraft that are painted in bright colors, so that they are easily identifiable as enemy aircraft.

The pilots in the aggressor force are also highly skilled and experienced, and they are often equipped with superior aircraft and weaponry. As a result, the training provided by the aggressor force is invaluable for US aircrews.

In the end, it would significantly increase the survivability of pilots in actual combat because they will have to confront pilots with equal or superior skills that will allow them to bring their potential to the highest level.

Dogfighting during the Vietnam war 

The Vietnam War saw some of the most intense dogfighting of any conflict in history. The North Vietnamese pilots were highly skilled and experienced. They did not have the best aircraft, but their Soviet fighter planes were sufficient to shoot down many US military aircraft.


The Vietnam War was a costly and brutal conflict for both sides. The war claimed the lives of thousands of pilots and crew members, and it became apparent that more intensive training was needed for pilots.

The F-35s are being used as part of the USAF’s Aggressor Force

USAF’s Aggressor Force Aankomst F-35 Leeuwarden
Aankomst F-35 Leeuwarden by Defensie. Licensed under CC0 by 1.0.

The F-35s provide the USAF with an edge in training exercises because they can replicate the abilities of other countries’ fighter jets more accurately than any other aircraft.

The F-35s will help the USAF to better prepare their pilots for combat against potential adversaries. In addition, the “aggressor force” will also be used to test new tactics and strategies.


This is a critical role that the F-35s will play in the future of the USAF and a valuable skill that will be useful in combat situations.

 Aggressor force training
F-35 Afterburner by Falcon® Photography. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

The air force aims to train its pilots to the highest standards possible

The aggressor force is a great way to train pilots and keep them in the best shape. And using the F-35 for training will be an optimum preparation for war.

These aircraft provide a new and innovative way to prepare for combat – and if a pilot undergoing training can defeat an F-35, he could surely face any other aircraft of a foreign force without any hassle.


Featured image credit: F-35 bank by Benjamin Mota. Public Domain.

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