Vuity Eyedrops Could Replace Glasses for Millions

Imagine never having to use glasses again just by using these new FDA-approved eyedrops.
vuity eyedrops

(Vuity Eyedrops) Almost everyone experiences some degree of presbyopia after the age of 40. Presbyopia is an irreversible condition that continues to worsen until around age 65. Until recently Presbyopia could only be corrected with laser treatment and surgery or with the aid of reading glasses. But, everything might change for millions of people with vuity eyedrops.

If you are over 40 and get blurred vision when reading things at normal distances and tend to hold reading material farther away to make letters clearer, you may be suffering from a very common eye condition called Presbyopia.

Some who suffer from Presbyopia report instant dizziness when they change from looking at things up close to a distance. This is because of the inability of their eyes being able suddenly to accommodate from near to distant vision or vice versa.


If you suffer from Presbyopia you may benefit from Vuity eye drops which have recently been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Vuity Eyedrops for better vision
Eye Drops by Allergan – Vuity eyedrops

Vuity Eyedrops

Vuity eyedrops created by pharmaceutical company Abbvie have just hit the market. Vuity is considered to be a potential game-changer that can replace reading glasses for millions.

AbbVie is a pharmaceutical company that had its original roots in Abbott Laboratories.  Abbott Laboratories was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott in 1888. In 2011, Abbott Laboratories announced its plan to separate into two publicly traded companies, with AbbVie specializing in operating as a research-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, while the new Abbott Laboratories would specialize in diversified products including medical devices, diagnostic equipment and nutrition products.


This isn’t quack science. AbbVie are involved in a large number of pharmaceutical developments which span Immunology, Neuroscience, Oncology, Virology and other specialist areas. They employ in excess of 28,000 people globally and have provided products to individuals in more than 170 countries.

It isn’t just participants in the Vuity eye drop trial who are impressed with the eye drop. Since the news of FDA approval of Vuity AbbVie stock prices are currently at their highest price in five years.

According to AbbVie, users of their eye drop have reported benefits such as being able to read three additional lines of text on a reading chart. Vuity eye drops reportedly take 15 minutes to kick in and then work for six hours after being introduced to the eye.


As Vuity is expected to initially retail at around $80 for a 30-day supply, many forty and overs are likely to keep using their reading glasses until the product either becomes covered by insurance or becomes a more affordable product.

More of us reaching our forties can only hope such med tech continues to develop.