Weapons Russia Would Use in the Possible Invasion of Ukraine

Russia is ready to invade Ukraine with its most advanced weapons.
Iskander deployment

Russia is the second-arm exporter in the world, just behind the US… And Russia controls about 20% of the world’s arms market, so there’s no shortage of top-notch weapons from the Russian Armed Forces – and they can definitely use them in a potential invasion of Ukraine. 

But, what weapons would Russia use in this conflict? Are Russian weapons powerful enough?

T-90 Tank

T-90 Russian Tank
Hargi23, License under CC by 4.0

The T-90 is now one of the best tanks in the world. It was developed by leveraging the extensive background of the Russian tank building industry – and even though it has been in service since 1992, the T-90 latest versions such as the T-90M and T-90MS are remarkably effective tanks.


The tank has been updated many times to fulfill contemporary requirements. Now, the T-90MS has cutting-edge technology to effectively perform on modern battlefields such as a rear-view camera, air conditioning, the ability to exchange data with other vehicles in real-time, and thermal imaging, among other up-to-date tools.

Additionally, the T-90M and T-90MS have dynamic protection that throws smoke grenades, masking the tank from hostile forces.

The T-90MS, the weightier T-90 tank has a weight of 48 tons. Less heavy than top tanks such as the Leopard or Leclerc, and it is way lighter than the Abrams (73.6 tons). 



The Koalitsiya is a weapon produced for the Russian Armed Forces. It is fully automated and it has outstanding maneuverability.

A strong steel armor completely covers the artillery system. This armor serves as protection against small caliber firearms, mines, and fragmentation projectiles. To evade enemy fire, it is also equipped with three smoke grenade launchers, which hide the vehicle in a thick fog. 

BTR-MD Rakushka

Soilder driving a Rakushka
Smell U Later, Licensed under CC by 3.0

BTR Rakushka is a landing vehicle, built to support Airborne Forces. The focus is on the delivery of fighters and supplies on the battlefield.


The Rakushka armored personnel carrier is capable of carrying up to 15 people, including the driver and commander. The car weighs 13.2 tons and is armed with two 7.62 mm PKTM machine guns. 


Uragan 1m ready to fire 1
Uragan-1M, by Ministerstwo Obrony Rossijskoj Federazii. Licensed under CC by 4.0.

Uragan-1M is a multiple launch rocket system used to defeat enemy targets at distances from 30 or 90 km, depending on the caliber it fires. The launcher uses 220-mm and 300-mm caliber ammunition stored in transport and launch containers, which significantly boosts their reloading.

It is incredibly effective against ground troops, unarmored vehicles, and light armored vehicles. This weapon has been tested during numerous wars and armed conflicts and has demonstrated high firepower and reliability.


9K720 Iskander

A hypersonic missile we could see in Ukraine
A camouflaged Iskander-M, by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Licensed under CC by 4.0.

9K720 Iskander is a system whose missiles guarantee the destruction of its target. They are tough to locate and very difficult to shoot down as it is a hypersonic missile that flies at Mach 5.9 – which is more than 4000 mph!

This is the first missile to fly at such a speed, and it can carry both a conventional and a nuclear warhead… And its 500-kilometer range (310 miles) makes it a powerful missile system.


Russia has enough weapons to use in an invasion of Ukraine!

Russia has cutting-edge weapons to beat Ukraine, in case it doesn’t have the help of NATO.


Weapons like the Iskander hypersonic missile incorporate the latest technology, and they could be a problem for any army in the world, not only for Ukraine – and these are only some of the weapons Russia could deploy in an upcoming conflict.

Featured image credit: Iskander demo Army by Boevaya mashina. Licensed under CC by 4.0.

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